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style, organization, clarity

Use of Verbs in "I Have Dreamed"

This essay on "I Have Dreamed" from The King and I by Oscar and Hammerstein explores the use of verbs in the song, especially the verb dreamed.
"I Have Dreamed" PDF 303KB

Design Principles of Don Norman

This essay, "my toaster is a happy toaster…", was written to illustrate how the design of a product I own, my toaster, conforms to the design principles Don Norman talks about in his presentation, "Three Ways Good Design Makes You Happy".
"My toaster is a happy toaster…" PDF 329KB

Examination of Red Oval by Kandinsky

This essay, "An Examination of Kandinsky's Painting, Red Oval", considers it in terms of my emotional reactions and its formal elements (color, shape, movement, and line).
"An Examination of Kandinsky's Painting, Red Oval" PDF 573KB