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S3 Hosted

Websites hosted on AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)

This ePortfolio Website

This static website (lllichtenstein.com) is hosted on AWS S3 and accessed via AWS Route 53. To do so, three S3 buckets were created - one for the root domain (lllichtenstein.com), a second for the subdomain (www.lllichtenstein.com) and a third for log files (log.lllichtenstein.com). The bucket properties were set as appropriate. Website files were then uploaded to the root domain bucket. Traffic was set up to redirect requests from the subdomain, www.lllichtenstein.com, to the root domain, lllichtenstein.com. This custom domain was then migrated from another DNS provider to AWS. Finally, Route 53 was configured as the Domain Name System (DNS) service provider by creating a hosted zone and record sets for the domain and subdomain names.

'Guess the Magic Word' Game

A bucket was created on AWS S3. The background image was then uploaded to the bucket. To display the image, CSS in the Magic Word code points to the S3 bucket URL.
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